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Doctor House Calls in Union City

Care ought to start before the appointment, and at Hope Direct Health it does. That’s why we offer our members in Union City doctor house calls. Life is complicated, and too often traditional medical care options don’t care about that.

When you’re sick, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding the time after work or wrangling sick kids. You shouldn’t have to choose between seeing a doctor and being there for your family. You need affordable care with a personal touch.

House calls offer the professional primary health care you need, but from the comfort of your home. Like office and telehealth appointments, house calls are available on demand and can deal with most patient concerns.  

At Hope, our number one goal is to address our patients’ concerns. Rather than you struggling to fit us into your schedule, we strive to fit into yours. It’s what sets us apart. We’re the only medical practice in Union City that offers doctor house calls – and it’s because we believe that a direct doctor-patient relationship lies at the heart of medicine

Medical Home Visits

At Hope Direct Health, a medical home visit means the same quality care you can expect from an office visit, but at home. All home visits are performed by Doctor Lacayo, an experienced doctor with over a decade of medical experience. Doctor Lacayo personally understands how hard it can be to make time to take care of yourself. That’s why she provides home visits to address a variety of symptoms and illnesses like:


  • Sore throat and Sinus Infections

  • Cold/COVID symptoms

  • Fever

  • Rashes

  • Pink eye

  • Ear infections, as well as ear wax removal

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Breathing treatment

  • Initial management of musculoskeletal injuries – things like splinting, crutches, medical referrals

  • Follow up, as well as scheduling for Labs and X-rays


One home visit per year is included free in your Hope Direct Health membership. Additional visits can be scheduled for $220 dollars. 

Medical home visits are available within 20 miles of Union City. This includes a significant part of Erie County as well as part of New York. Visits outside this service area will be considered on a case-by-case basis otherwise.

If you are a non-member interested in a medical home visit, please reach out to discuss this with the doctor.

Lake Houses

Very few doctors offer house calls now. However, this wasn’t always the case – house calls used to be the chief way doctors interacted with their patients. This changed with the rise of the modern hospital. Large, centralized facilities, hospitals brought all kinds of medical professionals together in one place. This led to excellent health care at an affordable price – almost driving house calls to extinction.

But now due to the perfect storm of rising health care costs and longer hospital wait times, house calls have again emerged as a viable alternative to the hospital system. And due to technological progress -patients don’t have to worry about missing out on the quality of care they are used to!

The convenience makes it surprising that more doctors don’t offer house calls.

If you can offer the same quality care that patients expect at home – why not offer it? It’s a way to deliver top-quality healthcare in a way that works for working families.

One thing is for sure: at Hope Direct Health, we care. And we are proud to have the only doctor doing house calls in Union City.

Do doctors still do house calls?

Doctors who make house calls

You may be asking yourself, “Why don’t more doctors make house calls?”

The better question, or at least one that’s easier to answer, is, “What kind of doctor makes house calls?”

And the answer is simple. A doctor that cares. That’s what Doctor Lacayo is, and that’s why she started Hope Direct Health. A medical practice built around the doctor-patient relationship. Offering patients direct access to their doctor, through a variety of channels. Office visits, messaging, telehealth, and of course house calls. Hope Direct Health is a practice that understands quality care is personal care.

So, if you find yourself looking around for a doctor who cares, wondering about the doctors who make house calls – look no further. Doctor Lacayo is the doctor who cares, who still puts her patients first, over and above the bottom line.

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Getting Health Care can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Doctor Lacayo of Hope Direct Health is the real deal. An expert doctor committed to providing quality, affordable health care to our Union City members, across a variety of channels. Including house calls. Doctor Lacayo believes pursuing health care should be as comforting as the care itself. If you’re a resident of Union City and you need health care – don’t worry – you’re in safe hands. Reach out now.

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