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Direct Primary Care Doctor in Erie County, PA

Families in Erie looking for a more personal style of medicine choose Hope Direct Healthcare. As a direct
care practice specializing in family medicine in Erie County, Hope Direct Healthcare offers a wide variety of medical services in a new way
. You get the primary medical care you need from a local doctor – yet you only pay a small monthly cost. So, there are no copays and no fighting with insurance to make sure you’re
covered. It’s kind of like paying for a gym membership – an affordable fee gets you everything you need.

Since our practice is based in Union City, we are a popular choice for families throughout the county
(and sometimes beyond). These are some of the areas we serve in Erie County:


  •  Corry

  •  Downtown Erie

  •  Edinboro

  •  Fairview

  •  Girard

  •  Jackson

  •  Little Hope

  •  McLane

  •  McKean

  •  Mill Village

  •  Phillipsville

  •  Platea

  •  Union City

  •  Waterford

  •  Wattsburg

Our practice is conveniently located at 15 N Main St, Union City, PA 16438 – and all visits are by
appointment only. If you’d like to make an appointment, please reach out to our staff right now!

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Family Medicine for Real Families

Members of Hope Direct Healthcare receive all the care they’d normally get from their standard family practice and much more. This means they get the benefits of a direct relationship with their doctor –
and real cost savings.

Everything you’d see your typical doctor for, our providers handle. When it comes to sports physicals as well as adult and pediatric checkups, you can count on us for those.

Of course, our providers support you through sick visits – and even offer virtual options as well as medical home visits.

In addition, when it comes to managing chronic health conditions, our doctors give you the expertise and the time to help you feel your best every day. Plus, you can count on us for tests like pap smears and EKGs.

Finally, Hope Direct provides medications in our doctor’s office at wholesale prices, saving you both money and time.

All of this, and more, is included in your membership when you make Hope Direct Healthcare your Erie
County family medicine provider

Why DPC is More Convenient and More Affordable

The true difference of direct healthcare for Erie County families comes from the experience. Direct healthcare, also known as direct primary care (or DPC), differs from the traditional medical establishment in a few ways. Our patients love those differences.


Our families receive unlimited doctor’s visits – without ever having to pay a copay or a surprise bill. The cost is dramatically lower for most of our patients – we often say you can get standout care for less than your phone bill!

In addition, the experience is better. Unlike at a typical doctor’s office, you aren’t rushed out the door –since we provide extended visits (between 30 minutes to an hour). Your doctor actually knows you here– you aren’t just a number in a system. Not only does that translate to more personalized care in theoffice, but you also have the opportunity to communicate directly with your doctor.


By doing direct with your healthcare, you get away from the mainstream medical community – in favor of healthcare that works for real working families. Hope Direct Healthcare is proud to be the premier choice for a direct doctor in Erie County, PA!

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Ask Questions or Sign Up & Schedule Now

From our convenient Union City office as well as through virtual visits and house calls, Hope Direct Healthcare serves families in Erie County, PA. If you’re looking for a new family doctor or you want to experience the benefits of DPC, we’re here to help.

If you want to sign up and schedule now, we’d love to have you onboard. Of course, if you have
questions about the DPC experience or
about Hope Direct in particular, we’d love to talk.

Reach out right here!

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