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Dorcas Lacayo, MD, MPH

Family Medicine Doctor


Family Medicine

  • Dr. Lacayo received her Medical Degree from National Autonomous University of Honduras.  She completed Family Medicine residency at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, NY and a Masters degree in Public Health from SUNY Downstate School of Public Health.

  • Dr. Lacayo has worked for different health care systems in New York City, Jamestown, NY and Erie, Pennsylvania.

  • She is licensed in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. ​

Dorcas Lacayo, MD, MPH

I am a Family Medicine Physician with many years of experience in primary care, urgent care and emergency medicine. Throughout the years I have witnessed how the everlasting changes in the healthcare system have negatively impacted not only patients but physicians as well. In the current system physicians are required to see large amount of patients to overcome the rising cost of healthcare, which in turn compromises the quality of care that patients deserve, and the doctor-patient relationship fades every day and has become almost inexistent.

Hope Direct Healthcare seeks to restore the doctor-patient relationship and this can only be achieved by not contracting with insurance companies. The savings that come from cutting down insurances allow us to offer a very affordable alternative of healthcare delivery.  

It's time for doctors and patients to take medicine back to its roots. That time where patients contracted with physicians for medical care not with insurance companies.  That time where a doctor came to your home when you were sick and you did not have to worry if the visit was covered by insurance or not because it was a doctor-patient matter. 


I am committed to offer you the medical care you deserve with accessibility and affordability within the scope of primary care.  It doesn't matter if you have insurance or not you will be cared for.

Amanda Willink, RN

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