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Accessing the medical care you need has never been easier, more affordable, or more direct. Hope Direct Healthcare is a direct primary care practice in Union City, PA, that makes quality healthcare work for real families. Following the DPC healthcare model, we build a personal relationship with all of our patients by cutting out the middleman of insurance. What that looks like is that you get immediate medical attention from a community doctor – for a small monthly fee. That means no copays, no coverage gaps, and no hassles with insurance companies.


Our mission is to deliver quality direct family care without the restrictions and limitations imposed by big healthcare corporations and insurance companies. Here, we see you as a person – not just a number to push through the for-profit healthcare system. What this means for you is that every time you visit, our providers take their time, listen to every issue, and ensure you leave with a treatment plan – not just a bill.

When it comes to something as essential as the health of you and your family, make sure that you’re being seen – not just having an appointment. Of course, one of the reasons that patients are beginning to prefer a direct primary care doctor is that the experience works for them. You join our practice by becoming a member – similar to joining a gym – where you pay a monthly fee and you can come in as often as you need. For working families, that makes a huge difference in being seen on time and getting the care they need – all for a lot less than insurance premiums.  


Membership in our DPC practice includes office visits, virtual visits, one house call per year, most common in office labs, procedures, discounted meds, discounted blood work. We’re the only choice for true direct primary care in Union City – we’d love the chance to treat you and your family!

What Our Union City Family Practice Offers


 Primary Care

Choose Hope Direct Healthcare for all your primary care needs, sick visits, chronic medical conditions, wellness visits, PAP smears, well child visits, preventive tests – all in an affordable monthly membership rate.

Man Using a Tablet

Virtual Visits

Expert medical care from the comfort of your home. Not all virtual care is the same. By choosing Hope, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality care by an experienced family doctor from your community.


House Calls

For patients within a 20-mile radius of Union City, the doctor’s office comes to you…to conveniently treat a wide range of issues. Longer distances will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Doctor and Patient

Sick Visits

When you are sick and need care, we’re here to help – guaranteeing you an appointment within the 24-48 hour window. This keeps you from needing to deal with the high prices and long wait times of urgent cares.

Doctors Analyzing File

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited doctor office visits – no copays or surprise bills

  • Extended appointments – 30-45 minutes and up to an hour

  • Same day and next day appointments at our family medical clinic

  • Direct communication with physician by phone, text, and email

  • Virtual visits

  • Sports physicals

  • Management of chronic medical conditions

  • Adult and pediatric wellness visits

  • PAP smears

  • Breathing treatment for asthma and COPD exacerbations

  • EKGs

  • Medications dispensed in doctor’s office at wholesale cash price

  • Lab tests at discounted prices through LabCorp

  • Procedures: Stitches placement and removal

Ear wax removal
Drainage of boils
Removal of foreign objects from ears
Basic eye evaluation with fluorescein
Basic wound care

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Medical Consultation

Why DPC Healthcare Works for Working Families

In short: real, personal care at an actually affordable price. By getting away from the mainstream healthcare system, we can give patients much more for far less money.   

Our DPC healthcare membership rates are lower than your phone bill! Even better, with DPC, there are no copays, deductibles, or surprise bills. You will pay a flat rate for the medical services you need.

For people and families that use a Health Share plan, have a high deductible insurance, are uninsured, or underinsured, they will benefit most from going direct. Rather than having to spend thousands on yearly insurance premiums – and still being hit with heavy in-office copays and co-insurance – you pay a low price for the services you need. Plus, you can see your doctor as often as you need and appointments are available the next day or the same day when possible – without racking up an enormous bill.

Your plan includes a variety of office procedures which would be costly if you went to an urgent care – available right in our main street Union City doctor office. In addition to cutting costs for care, DPC saves money in labs and medications through pre-negotiated cash prices.

When was the last time you felt like your doctor cared about you…or even knew who you were?

Patients and direct primary care doctors have a real relationship and get to know each other. That takes time. That’s why you get 30 to 45 minutes with our doctor per appointment – rather than being capped at around 10 minutes. Getting you the time to truly understand your conditions and concerns are key to you feeling better.  

One last thing about DPC is that it’s truly direct. At Hope Direct Healthcare members enjoy one-to-one access to the doctor through a messaging system where they can text, call, and email the doctor personally.

Let’s compare DPC primary care with the traditional way. See in this video how Jen and Josh's medical care and costs differ when faced with the same symptoms.

Who got the best care and at a lower cost? That's what a direct primary care practice is – a relationship with your doctor, good medical care, and limiting your medical costs.


We are a direct family practice - not an insurance company 

 We do not cover services other than outlined in the membership agreement

✔ We do not prescribe and we do not dispense in office medications for chronic pain management such as opioids

✔ We encourage you to have insurance to cover for catastrophic/ major events such as surgeries, hospitalization, emergency care, child birth among others 

 At this time we are not seeing children younger than 5 years old

✔ We are not a walk in or urgent care clinic, all visits are conducted by appointment.

✔ We do not provide emergency care services. For emergencies call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 

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